Every time a new system is developed, the question has to be asked as to which product properties will be right to ensure success in the intended market segment. The correct criteria have to be chosen from the requirements profile, which includes the design, price and functionality. This is where O|M|T offers comprehensive professional advice for designing new series of products. O|M|T hereby compiles teams of specialists with experience in the relevant markets to assist its customers. To help identify the best solution, O|M|T also offers the option of combining proven system components with an individual design. This leads to a harmonious appearance with unmistakeable design elements.

Furthermore, O|M|T develops customised systems with absolutely unique features for brand-name products in the office furniture industry. These are the results of our design and development department. Once they have become established on the market, our engineers on the process lines ensure the system's quality level over the entire product lifecycle. Adjustments to technical improvements and constructive, on-the-spot conflict management are therefore part of O|M|T 's service.