The history of the firm of Oelschläger began in 1946 as a repair workshop for agricultural machinery in Hoya near Bremen. Following the economic recovery at the beginning of the 1950ies, the demand for office equipment also rose sharply in Germany. This trend was recognised by the founding family, who consequently switched the metalworking company over to the production of simple office desk frames. The company grew steadily from then on until the original production facilities were no longer able to manufacture the required volumes.

The foundations were laid for a new production facility covering an impressive 13,000 sqm at the current location in 1989. Robot engineering and the development of office table systems by means of CAD were expanded and are now at the cutting edge of available technology. In 1996 the company was incorporated in the NWI by its new shareholders. The new management introduced the Kaizen process for the first time to optimise the production processes. Through consistent investments in employee know-how and production capacities, Oelschläger Metalltechnik GmbH has risen to become a market leader in the segment of suppliers for office table systems. An impressive record that is demonstrated by the expansion of the production area to 20,000 sqm which began in 2013.